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How to get ° character in a string in python? - Stack Overflow

How can I get a ° (degree) character into a string? Share.

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To send sms using way2sms account, you may use below code snippet. Before that you would be required to create an API Key from here

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It's cause the page you're getting is not returning JSON but an HTML page. So when you try to use. test = sample_data.json(). You're trying to ...

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To send it back as json import json import sys sys.stdout.write("content-type: text/json ") sys.stdout.write(json.dumps(ParsedReponse)).

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query_insert = "insert into job_html (processid, myURL, myhtml) VALUES (%s, %s, %s)" cursor.execute(query_insert, processid, my_url, str(myHTML)).

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There are few things you can do to automate downloading from morningstar. pip install selenium ...

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Given this input: input = [ { "type": 1, "name" : "name 1", "field" : "aaa" }, { "type": 2, "name" : "name 2", "field" : "bbb" }, { "t...

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DISPLAY=/var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/1443323.rrlogin.internal.SC: line 8: 21926 Aborted pvbatch cone.py. /home/kitware isn't a valid ...

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Note that I'm using hostgator's webmail link just as an example because they use the same script. Is there a way through php (or any other way) to ...

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11 Jul 2016 ... I dont know way2sms but the easiest SMS API I have found is http://cp.bulksmsportal.co.za/sms_default.aspx. Code is really simple as well public static void ...

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Yes, this code will look like yours. Connection.Response loginForm = Jsoup.connect("https://parentviewer.pisd.edu/") .method(Connection.Method.

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If I use Msiexec /i mymsi.msi /qn just tool-A is installed !!! Share.

HTML code for INR - Stack Overflow

₹​ Indian rupee sign. HTML: ₹ — ₹ or ₹ — also ₹, corresponding to Unicode U 20B9.

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Following should give session id in jsp. If you have EL enabled in ... cookies[i]; break; } } } %>. Referenced from: http://www.roseindia.net/jsp/jspcookies.shtml.

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try to change statement using namespace Qqest.TimeForce.Facade;. to using namespace Qqest::TimeForce::Facade;.

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it redirects me to the member access page. Is this the normal flow? Am I missing Something? Can anybody guide me on how to consume a Active ...

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CreateGridButtons(ACol: Integer); var R: TRect; I: Integer; Button: TButton; begin R ... Note that ARow refers to the original row index, that is: //without account for ...

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I presume there's no way to read it in firebug, but would it be visible in irb? what console.log equivalent statements would I put in the Ruby code ...

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TRY THIS CODE: <?php /** * https://github.com/kingster/Way2SMS-API/blob/master/way2sms-api.php * * Please use this code on your own risk. The author is no ...

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If not marked BeforeFieldInit then that type's initializer method is executed at first access to any static or instance field of that type, or first ...

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This works: Sub login() Const Url$ = "https://www.mast-technicalservices.com/ecp/index2.jsp" Dim UserName As String, Password As String, ...

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Firefox() driver.get("http://na58.evony.com/s.html?loginid=747970653D74727947616D65&adv=index") driver.maximize_window() assert "Evony - Free forever ...

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I am building a desktop app in Visual C# 2.0 that can send sms through way2sms.com. anyone of you ve tried such thing...? please help. Share.

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I am making an android application using android studio for Login/Register and i failed to send the Register information to the .php file. Here is my ...

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Also, here's an Active Directory specific reference: http://www.rlmueller.net/CharactersEscaped.htm.

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I added a rule in my ipfw a time ago and now I want to delete it. So i go: sudo ipfw flush And all user rules gets deleted. But everytime i restart the ...

VBA WinHTTP to login into Oddsportal - Stack Overflow

I'm not sure it will help in this specific case, but request and response cookies handling is included in my library Excel-REST. Here's an example of getting and ...

SendGrid email using MailHelper - Stack Overflow

Sendgrid API responds with bad request when there are more than 1 email address that is the same in the Personalization object. Make sure ...

Why is there a data race in this Go program? - Stack Overflow

This assumption is OK for most outputs, e.g. a file or STDOUT. To avoid a data race, you need to make an explicit copy of the incoming data before returning from ...

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and it knows that you want the current template directory, so that you can make a plugin universal. I want to add some html dynamically using ...

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I need to receive "long" sms (length > 160 ) by Kannel . If sms length less than 160 - all is ok. But if it is long sms kannel splits sms to 2 or more ...

Clear TextInput onPress() - Stack Overflow

subject ); try { let { data } = await axios .post("https://tgesconnect.org/api/Communicate_class", { userid: this.state.rc_id, ...

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WorkCenter.Common.UI;component/Images/DeleteRed.png"/> </Button.Content> </Button> </Grid> </DataTemplate> </ListBox.ItemTemplate> </ListView>.

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I have a class on the Web application that manages the requests to this TcpServer. My Tcp client class contains a method called Request(string ...

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I have tried to find this using both the PHP error_log file and the Apache logs from my Hostgator hosting, but cannot work out which one belongs to which, as the ...

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If you want to implement such buttons into one multifunctional button, use this: <fb:login-button autologoutlink="true"></fb:login-button>.

Send email in android app - Stack Overflow

... for free account in smtp2go and you can see the informations of the SMTP private String mailhost = "port2525.smtpcorp.com"; – Alamri Feb 24 '13 at 20:22.